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Instructions for Camera-Ready Paper Submission

Please read and follow carefully the steps below.

Submissions that did not address ALL reviewers' remarks, do not meet LNCS standard or are incomplete, may not be included in the proceedings
  1. Address all reviewer's remarks in the final version of your paper. Make ALL required corrections.

  2. If the reviewer has indicated that your paper needs language improvement, ask a native English speaker for help.

  3. Write a note - response to reviewers' comments and how you addressed them.

  4. Follow strictly the LNCS requirements. Do not change the spacing between the rows or the font size to make your pages containing more rows.

  5. Follow strictly the format of the references.

  6. Order the references in alphabetic order.

  7. Use USA spelling.

  8. The length of the camera-ready paper can be up to 15 pages. Three more pages (up to 18 pages) can be added for a fee.

  9. Name the .tex file according to its ID in the conference management system. For example, if your paper is

    70 A novel method for geometric modeling

    call your files paper70.tex, paper70.pdf, figure1.eps, figure2.eps,, etc. Include all other specific files (styles) that you used in your paper, as well. These may be, for example, epsfig.sty, graphics.sty, etc. Make a zip file called

  10. Print the copyright form from here, fill it up, sign it, scan it and save it under the ID of your paper, for example copyright70.pdf. Leave the line about volume editors blank.

  11. Prepare an entry for the proceedings index and running head for each author name. It should be a simple text file as explained below.

    If the paper
    A novel method for geometric modeling
    has authors

    Jose Agustin Castiglia de Arrieta, John A. Smith Jr., and Lu Yi Zhang

    it should be clear which of the authors’ names are first names and which are last names (surnames). If the authors of the paper have more than one last name, we should know under which last name the author wishes to be listed in the author index.

    Note that the names appear as last name(s), first name(s) in the author index and as last name(s), initials in the running heads.

    We would like you to prepare the following text for your paper and to save it in a file index70.txt:


    SMITH Jr., John A.
    ZHANG, Lu Yi


    J.A. Castiglia de Arrieta,
    J.A. Smith Jr.,
    L.Y. Zhang

    Do not forget to put these names in the running heads section of your tex file. Put a short title for the running heads section, as well.

  12. If an author has more than one accepted paper, his/her name should be written in both papers in the same way.

  13. Send the paper zip file (i.e.,, the response to reviewers (i.e., response70.pdf), the index file (i.e., index70.txt), and the copyright form (i.e., copyright70.pdf) in attachment to In the subject write "Camera-ready paper 70". In the body of the message write the title of the paper, the ID number, and whether it is submitted to the regular (theoretical) track or to the special (application) track. Indicate the person who will present the paper as well.

  14. If you do not receive a confirmation from us within two days, upload the files at your web site and send us a link to them, instead of attaching the files to the message.

  15. Registrer for the workshop and pay the registration fee. The registration site will be open in mid-December. When registering, you will receive a receipt from the service provider - TouchNet. If you need immediately a signed receipt that you paid the registration fee, we will send you the scanned receipt by e-mail. Otherwise, the receipts will be distributed at the workshop registration together with your materials.

  16. If you need a visa letter, please read the instructions for visa letter in the Registration Form, download the sample letter, fill it up and send it to us.

  17. Deadline for registering and paying the registration fee for all authors: July 25, 2012.

  18. Deadline for sending the camera-ready papers: July 25, 2012.